Ronald Reagan
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Appearances 1
Debut Episode Alive (Celebrity Deathmatch timeline)
Deceased (In Real Life)
Voiced by Magic, Flashbacks and Pregnancies

Ronald Wilson Reagan (February 6, 1911 - June 5, 2004) was an American actor and politician who served as the 40th President of the United States from 1981 to 1989.

Reagan died at the age of 93 on June 5, 2004 from pneumonia complicated by Alzheimer's disease.


Like most politicians on the show, he appears in a suit and tie.

Celebrity DeathmatchEdit

Reagan serves as the guest referee in the deathmatch between actor Don Johnson (of Miami Vice and Nash Bridges fame) and new wave musician Boy George (best known for his songs "Karma Chameleon" and "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?") with the band Culture Club.

Reagan becomes appalled upon seeing the fight, believing that Johnson is attacking a woman, despite pleas from Johnson that it is Boy George and not a woman. Reagan grabs Johnson and slams him on his head, before spinning him around to his back and slamming on him and kicks him in the stomach. Reagan finishes Johnson off by jumping off the turnbuckle and crushing his head.

Ruhollah Khomeini (a religious leader and politician responsible for the 1979 Iranian Revolution) jumps into the ring and challenges Reagan to a fight. Reagan says that he refuses to negotiates with terrorists and pulls a detonator button from his pocket, which sends down a laser beam and accidentally kills an audience member. Reagan does this a second time and hits Khomeini, disintegrate him. Reagan then leaves with Boy George in his arms.

Real Life FactsEdit

  • He is currently the second Longest-Living President after the 38th President Gerald Ford outlived him by 45 years Before his Own Death, also at the age of 93. He also Broke the Record of Longest Living President which was previously held by the Second President John Adams who died at the age of 90
  • Reagan is the second oldest President (being 69 at the time of his election and inaguration to office until his record was surpassed in 2016 by Donald Trump who was elected at the age of 70). He is followed by William Henry Harrison, who was 68 at the time of his inaguration.


  • During His appearance, Johnny Gomez Mistakenly announces him as the 39th President, when he was in fact the 40th due to Grover Cleveland serving two non-consecutive terms.