Richard Nixon and George Washington

Richard Milhous Nixon

(January 9, 1913-April 22, 1994) Was the 37th President of the United States. He Appeared in the Episode 4th of July Celebration As George Washington's Fighting Coach. His Head was the First Head To Land on a Small Model of Mout Rushmore, after He was Decapitated By Theodore Roosevelt When the Latter Hit Him with a Metal Stick for Spying on Him and Abraham Lincoln with a reel-to-reel audio recorder. He is also One of Four Vice Presidents to appear in celebrity deathmatch, the other Three being Theodore Roosevelt who also appears as Abrahan Lincoln's Fighting Coach, George HW Bush who appears in Son's(future and now former President) George W. Bush and Al Gore(so far the only Vice President/Guest or Combatant who never or possibly has yet to become President)

Notes Edit

  • Nixon's disembodied head is similar to that from Futurama.


  • (While Holding a $1.00 Bill)Who's on the 1?
  • Who's Got a State Named After Him?
  • What City Has The Highest Murder Rate?

Note: George Washington Answers All Questions with Washington

  • That's The Stuff. You Are the Father Of Our Country. Now our Daddy's Gonna Kick Some Ass
  • (After George Washington Gives Him a Headlock and Hits Him twice) Whoa Hold On there Wig Boy. Save It for the Guy In the Hat
  • (After Mills Lane attempts to eject him) I Will Not Be The First American President To be disqualified from a death match.
  • (To Abraham Lincoln, After Theodore Roosevelt Decapitates Him with a metal stick) Help Me Abe! You've Got to Reunite Me with my body(Lincoln, using his remaining leg then Kicks his Decapitated Head And his head Landed on a Small Model of Mount Rushmore)
  • Okay, Fine But you won't have RIchard Nixon's Head to kick around anymore
  • Silver Dollars George. Give Him a Buck
  • (Gives George Washington an Axe) I hear You're Pretty Handy with one of these
  • That's it George! Send Him Back to the Lincoln Memorial
  • (To Theodore Roosevelt). What's That? I can't Hear you. You're Speaking so softly. Take this Bully Boy.
  • (After George Washington's Head Landed beside his head) I guess this means you didn't win.