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 Redd Foxx (December 9, 1922 - October 11, 1991) was an Amercan stand-up comedian and actor best known for his role as ornery junk dealer Fred Sanford on the 1970s NBC sitcom Sanford and Son


Redd appeared wearing a grey newsboy cap, a white striped shirt, black pants and black shoes (similar to outfits that his character, Fred, wore). 

Celebrity DeathmatchEdit

Comedian, actor and musician Jamie Foxx was punk'd into believing that Redd Foxx would be his opponent in the deathmatch. Ultimately, it was revealed to be the late singer Ray Charles.

In Real LifeEdit

Redd Foxx
Redd Foxx, whose real name is John Elroy Sanford, was born on December 9, 1922 in St. Louis, Missouri. His father, Fred Sanford, an elecritician and mechanic, left his family when Foxx was four years old and he was raised by his mother, Mary Hughes. He had an older brother, Fred G. Sanford Jr., who was the namesake of his Sanford and Son character. 

Foxx began doing stand-up comedy during the 1950s and gained widespread fame once Sanford and Son aired. Foxx left the show after six seasons to star in a short-lived variety show, but following its' cancelation, he reprised the role of Fred Sanford in the brief revival/spin-off Sanford (although Demond Wilson, who played Fred's son Lamont, didn't return). 

Foxx made a comeback to television work in 1991 with the CBS sitcom The Royal Family, where he co-starred with longtime friend, Della Reese.

On October 11,1991, during a break on the set of The Royal Family, Foxx suffered a heart attack on the set and died that evening at the Angels Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center. Only seven episodes of The Royal Family featured Foxx and the show was canceled in 1992.