Donald Trump (June 14, 1946) is an American Businessman, real estate mogul, Reality TV personality and the 45th President of the US. He appeared in the second fight of the episode High Tech fighting in which he fought and defeated Don King by landing in the latter's mouth and ripping him apart.

Trivia Edit

  • As a running gag, he gets constantly overcharged by Don King with a huge amount of money in the latter's effort to become the world's richest man.
    • At the entrance of his building, he wonders why there are turnstiles installed. Don King then charges him $40,000
    • At a popcorn stand, he attempts to purchase a popcorn for his lady companion. Don King then appears disguised as a Popcorn Vendor and Charges him $350.
    • At a bathroom cubicle, he finds out that there is no tissue paper. Don King then appears underneath the Bathroom door holding a roll of tissue paper and charges him $450.
  • At the age of 70, he is the oldest elected President of the US, surpassing Ronald Reagan(also a guest celebrity on Celebrity Deathmatch) who was elected at the age of 69.
  • He is one of two future Presidents to appear as celebrity guests/combatants, the other being George W. Bush(who fought and was killed by Gavin Rossdale, and whose real life counterpart was serving as Governor of Texas).