Don King

Real life Don King.

Don King (August 20, 1931) is character from the show who appeared mostly in the first season. He is based on real life Don King


In the first season, there was a running gag with him dying all the time, kind of like Kenny from South Park. He later appeared in the Deathmatch ring in Don King vs. Donald Trump in which he was killed by the latter.

Trivia Edit

  • As a running gag prior to his bout with Donald Trump is that he charges the latter with huge amounts of money in an effort to become the world's Richest Man
    • Installing Turnstiles at the entrance of the Trump Hotel and Casino. He charges Donald Trump $40,000.
    • At a Popcorn Stand, he disguises himself as a Popcorn Vendor and charges $350 to Donald Trump.
    • At a Bathroom cubicle, Donald Trump discovers that there is no Tissue paper. Don King then appears from under the door with a roll of tissue paper charging Donald Trump for $750.