Al Gore
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Appearances 1
Debut Episode Alive
Voiced by In the Head of Nicky, Jr.
Albert Arnold "Al" Gore is an American politician, advocate and philanthropist, who served as the 45th Vice President of the United States from 1993 to 2001 under President Bill Clinton. He also was the Democratic representative in the 2000 presidental election, losing the Presidency to Republican George W. Bush (the son of former President George H.W. Bush) in one of the closest historicial elections (the electoral votes being 271-266). 


His attire is mainly a suit and tie like many politicians wear.

Celebrity DeathmatchEdit

"I'm making an executive decision to end your life, in the year 2000!"

In his deathmatch against comedy musician Weird Al Yankovic, Gore pays the taxpayers to do his dirty work and ambush Yankovic. Mills reprimands him for this, as the fights are supposed to be between the two of them and Gore retracts the attacks. 

Yankovic threatens that when he is done with Gore, he will be a stiff and more laid back. Gore asks for a rebuttal from Mills (who allows it) and says that he slandered him, his family and his people with the song "Gory, Gory, Allelujah". 

Yankovic then begins to play a song called "The Star-Spangled Slammer" and hits Gore in the face with his accordian while playing the song as well as spraying him with mace.

Gore attemps to swing at Yankovic, but because his punches are so slow, Yankovic easily dodges them. Yankovic tells Gore to duck and he does so. Yankovic laughs, squeezing a rubber duck before kicking Gore away. 

Yankovic begins to play "Catch the Chicken" on his according and Gore follows, and Yankovic chokes him with his tie with the accordian. Gore once again tries to swing at Yankovic, who grabs him and does the "Algorithm" dance, sliding under his legs and kicking him in the butt, sending him flying to the turnbuckle and causing an "executive branch" to come out of his rectum.

Gore pulls out the branch and knocks Yankovic's accordian away and chases after him, catching him and hitting him over the head with the branch. Gore then impales Yankovic in the stomach and spins him on the tip of the branch. 

Gore then grabs Yankovic's head, biting out his eye and sucking out his brain through the eye socket, killing him. 

Trivia Edit

  • He is the only Vice President turned Guest/Combatant who did not become President in Real Life. Other Vice Presidents who became Guests/Combatants namely Richard Nixon, George HW Bush and Theodore Roosevelt all became Presidents after their respective Terms as Vice Presidents.